Saintly Bishops and Bishops' Saints

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AUTHORS: John S. Ott, T. Vedris, eds.

TITLE: Saintly Bishops and Bishops' Saints

PUBLISHER: Hagiotheca - Croatian Hagiography Society

SERIES: Colloquia

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Book description:

This volume, second in the 'Colloquia' series, includes an introduction and fifteen papers selected from those presented at the Conference co-organized in Porec (Croatia) by Hagiotheca and the International Hagiography Society in May 2010. The authors explore the role of late antique and medieval bishops in promoting the cult of saints, as well as the literary representations of bishop-saints.

Table of contents:

John S. Ott, Between Heaven and Earth: Saintly Bishops and Bishops' Saints

Thomas J. Heffernan, Shifting Identities: From a Roman Matron to Matrona Dei in the Passio Sanctarum Perpetuae et Felicitatis

Marianne Saghy, Martyr Bishop amd the Bishop's Martyrs in Fourth-Century Rome

John Marcus Beard, Public Display of Asceticism: Holy Bishops and the Conversion of Gaul in the Vita Sancti Martini

Ville Vuolanto, A Self-Made Living Saint? Authority and the Two Families of Theodoret of Cyrrhus

Marina Miladinov, Patria tecta, the Bishop and His Martyr: Mutual Patronage and Configuration of Power in Byzantine Istria

Luciana Cuppo, Benedict, Father of Monks, in the Chronicle of Mellitus, Bishop of London

Vadim Prozorov, Where He Is, Thither Will the Eagles Be Gathered Together: The Metropolitan Status of the Bishop of Spalato from the Decline of Salona until the Councils of Spalato in 925 and 928

Rachel S. Anderson, The Businessman Saint: Bishop Aethelwold in the Liber Eliensis

Evan A. Gatti, In the Apse or in Between: The Benedictional of Engilmar and Traditions of Episcopal Patronage in the Apse at Porec

Stephanos Efthymiadis, The Place of Holy and Unholy Bishops in Byzantine Hagiographic Narrative (Eighth-Twelfth Centuries)

Victoria Smirnova, No Way to Salvation for German Bishops? The Case of St. Engelbert of Cologne

Janine Peterson, Episcopal Authority and Disputed Sanctity in Late Medieval Italy

Sari Katajala-Peltomaa, Bishops Fighting with Demons in Swedish Canonization Processes

Sherry L. Reames, Popular Images of Saintly Bishops in Late Medieval England

Stanislava Kuzmova, The Pastor Bonus: Saint Stanislaus of Cracow in Sermons and Bishop-Saints as Exemplars in the Late Middle Ages

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